Mixing Nature Elements – Nature is one of main sources of inspiration!
The island’s cubic look is loosened up and framed by a miter, which is difficult to produce in this shape in a mineral material. This also makes the kitchen units and pullouts very ergonomic to use.
TV wall
The TV is the focal point in a family or living room, regardless if you want it to be or not. Once the TV is turned on, everyone in the room is looking in that direction so that wall needs to be amazing. Get ready to be blown away because we gathered a ton of TV wall inspiration, useful shopping links and design tips to help you create an epic TV wall in your home!
Walk in closet
A wardrobe with glass doors, a metal frame and special pivot hinges that allow the door to open 180° for maximum wardrobe access
Master bedroom
Marble feature walls, wood effect wall panels, and textured glass shape the luxurious decor of a modern interior. Featuring walk-in wardrobes & bespoke storage.